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Kelly B Todd was created to help you with Cerebral Palsy & Neuro-Muscular issues.

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If we help children with challenges in motor, communication, and adaptive skills we can help them reach their optimal potential in life.

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It is our joy to work with your children and see them enjoying life. You will love the results almost as much as we love working with your kids.

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What our customers say


“When we came to Kelly B. Todd, our daughter couldn’t hold her head up.  Institutions told us she couldn’t do anything but make facial expressions.  Now she’s walking, so we’ve come a long, long way.  Kelly B. Todd is capable of pushing and encouraging children to do the best of their abilities.”

Natasha Shade

“We’re not a family with a special needs child, but a special needs family.  Kelly B. Todd has taught me not to be afraid of what cerebral palsy is and that my son can achieve anything he wants to in life.  This isn’t going to hold him back.”

Amber McKenna

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